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What is “Drive as you sell scheme™ ” ?

It is a consignment program whereby you do not have to leave your car at a showroom while we assist to search for a buyer. Our Team of sales individuals will assist you in every aspect in matching a direct buyer with full support while you carry on with your daily life in peace. This program eliminates calls from dealer’s offering you ridiculously low prices and calls from potential buyers who are just in for a joy ride or wasting your time with questions such as financing, insurance, and trade-in, of which you may have no clue about or rather leaving those questions for our professional sales team to handle on your behalf. This program aims is achieving a hassle free transactions whereby viewing and documentation support is done mostly at your doorstep.

Why buyers should buy from cars that are consigned with us ?

We have been in the industry for 7 years now, we are a passionate bunch of fellows who play with cars, we’re car enthusiast who not only just sell you the car, we sell you our passion along with, most of us here from PRM love cars, and know most of the technical details, and based on our experience we will be able to tell you the type of wear and tear, maintenance cost you may face for the model of cars you’re buying.
some errant dealers to adjust the ODO meter to a lower mileage just to fetch some extra $. We have a reputation of selling cars with its original mileage. Our ethical culture plays an important role.

We will advise you the type of loan to take which will suit your needs, from high loans, leasing programmes, or balloon loans, we have it all.
Another important reason, once you become our client, our lobangs for car parts at a lower cost, is shared with you, why we sometimes take the liberty to arrange the order for you to!

Its also a one-stop solution for buyers to buy it from us with our extensive support for higher loans to competitive insurance quotes.

What are the “Charges” ?

We only charge you a Consignment fee of $800 or 1% of the final selling price whichever is higher. The best part about it is that you only pay us this fee if we manage to successfully sell your car for you at a reasonable price.

What happens if you decide not to sell your car after you have signed up with us ?

It costs us about $300 for every 2 months to advertise your car, we do not charge you anything for termination but we hope that you will honour our effort and sell it thru us, or if you manage to find a buyer on your own, refer them to take up the car loan with us and we will handle the paperwork, lta transfer, full settlement or your existing loan at a lower cost.

Why sell via our Program instead of selling it to a dealer ?

Selling your car direct to a dealer can be immediate, but you’ll have to allow at least 10%-20% of reduction in the price you’ll be able to attain your car instead as dealers will need to buy in your car at a cheaper price in order to resell it at a profit. You Save up to at least $5,000.00 to $30,000.00 or more for exotic and luxury cars.

Why not sell it yourself instead of our “Drive as you sell scheme”?

Selling a car is not as easy as a retail transaction. It involves initial sales agreement, financing, insurance, and LTA transfer which requires professional guidance and expertise. Without it you may be liable for fraud, losses and a great deal of time. At Prem Roy Motoring Pte Ltd, we are well versed with the entire transaction and would complete the entire transaction for you while you sit back and relax.

Where is your car advertised ?

Your cars are advertised on 6 major online portals with Marketing ‘Keywords’ where the right traffic for buyers is at its peak;
1. Sgcarmart.com
2. Stcars.com
3. Facebook
4. Carousell (Premium Car dealer)
5. Carbuysg
6. Instagram

Had an awesome or unpleasant experience with our team members? We want to hear from you!

Our clients feedback is greatly valued at Prem Roy Motoring. We will never know how we do unless YOU, our Customers, validate that what we do meets up to your reasonable satisfaction. So please do have those comments coming and we assure you of a reply in one way or another.

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