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We provide a level of services from the initial advertisement of your cars, to viewing arrangements, incoming sales enquiry management, price negotiation, and final closure with the next prospective buyer.

Drive as you sell – A consignment programme designed to effectively sell your car without the requirement to leave the car at our showroom  allows you to drive as you sell, having the convenience of our experienced team to handle the entire sale process for you. From the advertisement, handling of inquiries from potential buyers and documentations when a sale is made.

The procedure of getting a car loan isn’t as easy as it sounds, approved loans are only paid after the vehicle is transferred to the next buyer, so who guarantees the money, or who pays the existing loan on the car?  We will settle this process seamlessly, and possibly get you high loans or leasing options with only 10% down payment.

Get your money worth and smart with our financial advice, no nervous plunge, doubtful contracts and fine print you have to worry about. Our services are transparent and trustworthy.

Car grooming  can make all of the difference when it comes to first impressions – there’s nothing that says polished and professional like a well-cleaned, serviced, and groomed car. With new and used cars that come our way, we provide professional car grooming to keep service and sale of each car at top-grade level.

When it comes to renting cars, comfort and affordability is key. Have a dream car in mind but don’t want the hassle to buy it? Let us know your dream car and we will get it and lease it to you!  Clarify any doubts you have through our Facebook chat platform or contact us before making your way down. Super worth it!

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